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Sewer Line Inspection | Phoenix Sewer Line Inspection

Purchasing a home is a really big deal. It’s something that involves both an inspector and appraiser so that you can either avoid costly repairs or just negotiate them into the home price. Frequent issues don’t usually get overlooked. Even a layman should be able to notice any cracks in a house caused by sunken foundations, uneven floors, squeaky baseboards or the roof conditions. Even more internal components like appliances and the HVAC system are easy to look over and notice. In the midst of having all these things inspected, people tend to forget all about the plumbing fixtures. The following are five crucial things that should happen in a thorough sewer line inspection.

Accessing The Sewer Pipes

A home’s sewer system is a crucial component. When it’s functioning properly, it lets sewage flow out properly so the septic system if fully operational. If there is a clogged, ruptured, or damaged line, it might back up the whole septic system, which leads to issues that might take many days to get fixed. Note that, the repairs for these issues can be quite expensive and in some cases, you need to dig up the entire landscape and yard.

Advanced Technology

Before fiber optic and micro-camera systems were introduced, your yard needed to be dug and inspected by the naked eye. It would require a lot of effort and would take a lot of time while costing homeowners even more money. These days, technicians can run small cameras connected with fiber-optic connections or just a thin cord. The remote-controlled camera uses either infrared or a little light while inside the pipe in order to inspect it thoroughly.

Checking For Invasive Tree Roots

A frequent issue for older homes is tree roots invading spaces that they shouldn’t. While the trees can make the neighborhood look even better, the roots can damage the pipes under the ground. In fact, the roots of a tree are strong enough to bend pipes. If the tree is large enough and it has thick roots, those roots could destroy the sewer lines.

Locating The Old Pipes

During an inspection process, older corroded pipes need to be located so they can get mapped out. After completing the inspecting, the technician would work on coming up with a plan for repairing the sewer line. With the information acquired from the inspection, a complete installation or repair plan will be recommended using the camera footage as evidence.


Inspections find clogs all the time. They happen because of accumulation and unflushable debris inside the sewer lines. You can use other devices to clear the clogs but you can solve the issue with installation and repair of the new piping.

Sewer Repair Tips And Advice

Trenchless Sewer Lines

Repairing modern-day sewage system lines happens far more efficiently than just a number of years back, and new repair work generally last a lot longer than they utilized to. The trenchless innovation method will become the preferred way for the repair work of sewers, as it is a method that offers numerous advantages over the techniques used earlier. There are a number of things regarding trenchless sewage system repairs which you probably ought to know.

It’s Not As Disruptive

Its name states everything. The trenchless approach includes placing a video camera into an apparently faulty sewer line, and sliding it along the pipes with the purpose to locate the issue and to evaluate its intensity. This can remove the requirement for comprehensive excavation in order to discover the issue and to carry out the required repairs. It can avoid needing to tear up concrete pathways and driveways, plow through landscaping, or ruin your lawn and home. This process likewise makes it much easier to clean when the job is done, as the damage to your property would be minimal. As you can see, this innovation develops less interruption to you and to everyone in your neighborhood.

Prevent Future Complications

Given that the trenchless approach makes use of advanced innovation, it can assist you avoid future problems that would need costly repair work. Pipes that get damaged from tree roots might get security from similar problems in the future, considering that they can get coated with epoxy as a preventative step. Aging pipelines treated with epoxy also then become resistant to breaking, while fitting them with sleeves provides included security. The seams of older pipes make them weak, and changing them to seamless pipes can assist to avoid this concern in the future. A trenchless drain installation will offer you with dependable defense against future issues.

This Process is Spending Plan Friendly

Given that there is no need for substantial digging, if any, the process includes less human labor, and likewise less cleaning after the repair is done. The process is straightforward from start to finish and leads dramatic cost savings in your expenses. You need less workers to have actually the job done, for this reason having the ability to save even more loan on your task. When the costs on this job is reduced, you will have more cash for other house enhancements, that you would otherwise have spent on digging up the lawn and then spending to fix the damage caused.

The Sewage System Line Will Last Longer

As you eliminate older drain lines and replace them with innovative trenchless services, your entire drain system becomes more resilient and less vulnerable to damage brought on by long-lasting wear and tear. These lines will last for a lot more years, thanks to making use of stronger materials, to the addition of protective epoxy coverings, and to the smooth installation of the pipelines.

Flexibility is Increased

There are many scenarios where repairing old sewer lines proves to be impossible, because of numerous factors such as challenging kind of soil, the existence of other pipelines, pg facilities works or of other obstacles nearby. Considering that there’s no requirement for digging to set up a trenchless sewer line, you’ll have the ability to do it even in tough ecological conditions. In addition, the non-destructive video evaluation helps professionals position and set up these lines with outstanding precision.

Learn More About Our Rooter Service

Among a plumbing and sewer business’s most specialized pieces of equipment is their rooter. When you reach out to a plumbing technician for assistance with your sewer lines or for aid cleansing your drains pipes, it is very important to have an understanding of what a rooter is and how it works, so that you can speak plainly about what you need. This will assist you understand what your concerns are and how your plumbing technician will be able to fix them, and enable your plumbing technician to comprehend that you’re involved in the procedure fully. When you understand the fundamentals of rooters, you can ask specific concerns to make sure that the work is done correctly and that all repairs to the drain are finished in one check out.

Simply put, a rooter is a particular type of plumbing’s snake. This tool is comprised of a cable television and sharp blades, all of which fit into sewage system lines. A motor is connected to turn the blades so that the tool can break up and invasive tree roots, which is why it has the name that it does. Rooters were revolutionary creations since they paid for sewage system specialists and plumbing professionals the capability to access pipelines underground without digging up an entire lawn.

Getting access to your drain lines utilizing a rooter is cheaper than excavation, as well as less intrusive, and this benefits both house owners and plumbers alike. Utilizing a rooter, your plumbing professional or drain specialist can detect how severely tree roots have actually penetrated the pipes and triggered them to end up being sluggish draining or obstructed. If the tree roots are the culprits, the rooter permits the problem to be spotted right now.

Eliminating tree roots which are triggering clogs is only half the pipes issue. If there are roots presently in your drain lines, then it indicates those pipelines have actually suffered holes and other structural damage. A rooter is just the preliminary step in restoring your pipes to working order. In addition to this, your drain service professionals will require to make any repair work and do any line replacement work, in order to fix the entire system and get it back into the best possible shape, so you can avoid future concerns.

If you do not understand what to ask for when you ask for the service, there may be some plumbing professionals who might not notify you that you need to do this as part of the process. This is why it works to very first know what rooters are, how they work, and what the source of the issue is on your own. When you understand rooters and how they work you can have an informed discussion with your plumber and you can ensure that your drain lines will get the very best service possible.

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